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12th March, 2010
Kandysoft Global signed an agreement with an Australian company to develop and support Shipping and Port Management Solutions. Kandysoft team has already delivered the initial phase of the project in record time and within budget. Our client is very happy to see the quality, service and speed of the delivery and looking forward to working with us with many more projects in the pipeline.
22nd April, 2009
Mobile Banking..
Kandysoft and Crosspoint Business Solutions jointly launched a fully automated banking application for Sanasa Development Bank in Sri Lanka. The Mobile banking application will enable Sanasa Bank to take banking to the clients door step,..
Press Releases
8th April, 2008
East meets West when Kandysoft showcases the Dianome Sales Force Automation Solution at Hong Kong ICT Expo
Australian company Kandysoft will launch its new mobile solution for sales force and distribution channel management in Hong Kong next week, in response to the growing number of consumer goods companies with regional Asian operations.
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Kandysoft specializes in ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) and Mobile solutions to meet the needs of today’s widely dispersed business organizations.

SaaS / Mobile solutions particularly suit businesses whose employees, customers, and partners need secure access to business data, documents, and reports from anywhere, any time 24x7 via a web browser or smart mobile, hand or cell phone.

Some applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are available online as a standard package offering, e.g. salesforce.com.

However, it remains the case that many key and strategic business applications are still locked up in older style ‘in house’ systems that do not offer users the flexibility and accessibility of SaaS / Mobile applications.

Kandysoft has a background over many years in the development of core business systems for many clients in Asia, the US, and Australia and New Zealand.

In the past three years this has extended to covering all the technical and user interface elements of fully fledged SaaS / Mobile applications. These applications can be deployed on your enterprise infrastructure run by you, or Kandysoft can operate it for you.