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Cerebiz cloud-based application integrates transferring data between myob AE/AO practice manager and general ledger systems.
It consists robust Business Intelligence, rich reporting, and advanced budgeting and forecasting capabilities.
Application combines powerful analytics, extensive reporting features, and seamless connectivity to essential business tools
whilst having the practice connected 24/7.

PM Hub Wealth is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for the wealth management industry in Australia and New Zealand. It provides 24/7 remote access to advanced tools that streamline business operations. The platform addresses the unique challenges of the wealth management sector, promoting ease of use with its intuitive design.With features that handle the import process for fund manager and insurer data files, PM Hub Wealth efficiently manages commission clawbacks, generates accurate invoices, credit notes and refunds, and integrates these transactions into Xero or MYOB business ledgers. This ensures precise revenue reporting and reduces staff time through flexible payment allocation. PM Hub Wealth is tailored to support the growth and efficiency of wealth management businesses.

Dianome by Kandysoft is a comprehensive solution designed to automate sales force activities for FMCG companies. It streamlines transactions from distributor sales representatives to head office decision-makers, offering robust information analysis. The mobile application includes all necessary transaction and information tracking modules, along with invoice and payment receipt printing capabilities. Additionally, it features GPRS synchronisation with the head office, ensuring seamless and efficient data management.

The Fixed Asset Accounting App serves as a crucial tool for accountants, helping in the retrieval of fixed asset related information from one platform to another. It facilitates easy login using credentials from either MYOB or XERO accounts. With its user-friendly interface, even individuals with minimal accounting knowledge can efficiently utilise the app.
This app streamlines the accounting process by automating calculations and eliminating the need for extensive training. It enables the transfer of opening balances, chart of accounts, and fixed assets, simplifying complex procedures.

VPass is a cloud-based fuel card management application designed for fuel card suppliers like Caltex and BP. This robust platform enables suppliers to efficiently manage their clients, generate monthly statements, and leverage Business Intelligence for enhanced decision-making. Clients can log into the system to view their usage, download statements, and analyse their fuel consumption through rich dashboards and KPI widgets. VPass streamlines fuel card management by providing comprehensive tools for both suppliers and their clients, ensuring seamless operations and insightful analysis.

PM Hub is a cloud-based practice management system designed specifically for the consultancy and advisory industry in Australia and New Zealand. It provides 24/7 remote access to advanced tools that streamline business operations. Including creation of time sheets, bills , Estimates, invoices, disbursements, subscriptions and many more. 

PM Hub Practice Manager

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